Bikini Addiction

How I lost a couple thousand bucks


Aug 1, 2020

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When I was younger, I was a youth model. Through modeling I made a good amount of money. Some of it got put into a trust, or savings, and I kept the rest. The money I spent went primarily to one thing: bikinis. I'm pretty mad at myself for this, now. 

The addiction began when I discovered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram page. It skyrocketed when I discovered niche bikini brands. For some reason, niche bikini brands are unreasonably expensive. A typical top will cost $60-$90, and a bottom is about the same. In all honesty, no one really needs more than three swimsuits they like, but I this didn't quite register with me. I literally have a plastic tub full of suits, many of which don't even fit me anymore. I've never regretted anything more than this. 

Anyways... the only positive thing that came out of this was "knowledge about the market." For all my ladies looking for where to buy bikinis, hopefully I can help you out.

CHEAP: H&M, Zaful, Fashion Nova (lol), PacSun

MEDIUM: PacSun, Triangl, Billabong, Princess Polly, House of CB, Nessy Swimwear 

EXPENSIVE: Frankies Bikinis, L-Space, Inamorata, San Lorenzo, Monday, Akoia (crochet), Kasakai, Revole (one stop shop, carries many brands)

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